Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Sewer (future quilter?) is born!

Last Monday was my dear friend Jeanne's birthday (happy birthday Jeanne!). We celebrated the following Thursday by shopping at a couple of quilt shops near us and a lunch at ClaimJumper. I asked my daughter in law if she would like to accompany us and she said yes! Now, I couldn't ask for a better DIL. She is a sweetheart and truly loves my son deeply. She's also going to give me my first granddaughter!
After our fun shopping day we returned home and she wanted to make bibs from the strawberry fabric and the green pea fabric she purchased. After successfully making the strawberry bib she decided she had enough time to make the green pea bib.

I told her it would be cute to do peas on one side and carrots on the other side. She liked that idea but hadn't purchased any carrot fabric. I told her I would take a look in my stash upstairs and sure enough I found the perfect carrot fabric to go with the peas!

It was so fun to see her so excited about creating these cute bibs. She had such a great time that she was up early the next morning waiting for it to get a bit later so she could go to shopping for more fabric. She found some really fun fabrics for more cute bibs. She asked if she could go upstairs and look at my stash once again. She's seen all my fabric before and probably couldn't understand why I needed so much fabric. Now she's seeing it all with new eyes. I think she's caught the sewing bug!


Sharon said...

What cute bibs! Love the peas & carrots one! And how nice that you're passing our obsession on to your DIL. . .maybe you can get her quilting too.

And what a nice way to celebrate Jeanne's birthday. Happy birthday, Jeanne! I miss you! (When is she starting her blog???!)

A + M said...

Wait until you see the fabric I ordered online! It came in today :) Can't wait for Thursday!!!! xoxoxoxoxo