Monday, March 31, 2008

Long time no see.

It's been a long time since my last post.
Taxes are finally done. Thank God! Whew!!!

Earlier this month we received a visit from our oldest daugter and her family, the stars of which are our two grandsons Brandon and Adam. They live in Southeastern Idaho in the middle of Potato farm country. It's been a cold, snowy, never ending winter. I'm sure they enjoyed our California weather!

Brandon has his grandma's heart turned to mush! When I went to pick them up at the airport and he spotted me, he started yelling "Grandma, I lub you! Grandma, I lub you!" He ran to me and I picked him up. We hugged and he kept saying "Grandma, I lub you!" It was definitely priceless. Everybody around was smiling and we were happy as can be.

Here is a picture of Adam with his 'Papa'. He is just a happy little baby. Loves his big brother to pieces!

He is the spitting image of his grandpa. He's already had two haircuts at 8 months old! He was born needing a haircut!!!