Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Creativity is fun!!!

This was the product of a weekend of fun sewing. I used my hand dyed fabric scraps and just started sewing. No measuring, no pattern. Just lots of colorful fun! I'm definitely going to make more and will probably do some kind of black and white possibly pieced sashing.

I just love the freedom and creativity that went into these blocks!

Matt & Aleyta's Wedding Quilt in Progress

This is the quilt I'm working on for my son and his fiance. Hmmm, I don't know how to get the accent mark over the 'e' in fiance. Oh Well! It will have a small inner border of the same green as the snowball blocks, then a small pieced border in the background fabric with the lighter green fabric, then a larger border of the brown that is the center of the star blocks. Before borders this quilt measures 99"x117". This one's definitely going to be quilted by my friend Shari who has a longarm machine.

This is the happy couple. My son Matthew and his lovely bride to be, Aleyta!
They will be getting married this September.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rabbit the frog

I attended a retreat this last weekend. We have a great group of quilters that get together a couple of times a year for retreat. We all get along so well and have a blast doing what we love to do. I brought my son and future daughter in law's wedding quilt supplies with me to work on which I did. It is a Tennessee Waltz quilt that she picked the colors for. I will post pics of this quilt later. It will be a beautiful quilt but it's not a scrappy quilt so I got a bit bored with working on it so I decided I would make this cute little frog.
As I was working on the frog I kept referring to it as a rabbit. I guess because it was so close after Easter and it was in Easter colors. I decided to name the little guy rabbit. "rabbit, rabbit"

Easter cupcakes

I'm trying to catch up with everything that happened while I didn't have time to blog them. Easter was way too early for me this year and we didn't have any young ones close enough to share it with. We still got into the spirit. My future daughter in law and I had fun dying eggs and everyone caught the decorating bug by decorating these Easter cupcakes. My husband decorated the one on the very top. At least he participated!
I ended up tossing the eggs and most of the cupcakes because we didn't eat them. The fun was in the decorating!

Vacations and Quilt Shops

My husband and I go to Oregon once a year to visit his 93 year old Uncle around his birthday. We usually turn it into a mini vacation for the two of us. We have covered nearly all of the Oregon coast and part of Washington on our trips. We have traveled from Long Beach, Washington down to Florence, Oregon.
All along the way we visit quilt shops! My husband's only request is that I pose in front of the shop and let him take a picture. I comply with his request and then he tells me to take my time shopping. He is such a great guy! He knows I have fabric up the ying yang and never complains about my new purchases.
This trip we went from Newport down to Florence. We thought this sign directing us to how many miles it is to all the Florences in the world was too cool.
The small town of Florence has two quilt shops. They are very different from each other but both are great. My absolute favorite was the 'Joy of Quilting' shop. They were very welcoming and friendly. The decor is bright and cheery. The shop has most fabrics already cut in fat quarters and 1 yard cuts. I can't tell you how much I love that! I hate dragging bolts around while I shop. There was a comfy chair for my husband to sit in with a dish of chocolate for him to nibble and they also gave me a free seam ripper as a little gift and also one for my friend Jeanne back home.