Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy Block Exchange

I've taken a bit of a break from organizing fabric to work on some blocks for a block exchange that I'm in. There are 12 of us and we each chose which colorway we wanted our blocks done in and we will receive 24 blocks in the colorway of our choice. Actually we will receive 22 blocks. To make it 24 we have to make a couple of blocks for ourselves. A lot of us chose blue/green/purple colors, one chose just purple, one chose purple and orange, one chose purples, fushia, orange, rusts, and yellows, one chose just rusts, one chose just oranges and two chose off white/beige/tans.

Here's a closer view of the off white/beige/tan blocks. I sewed these last. They weren't my favorite to sew because they aren't colorful enough for me but I must say that they are very elegant and sophisticated!

Here are some pictures of the dreaded and neverending fabric organization. Above is the cupboard with florals, solids,and holiday fabrics.
This cupboard has the novelty fabrics in it. This cupboard and the one above are in the upstairs hallway fairly close to the quilt studio with no windows nearby so fading shouldn't be an issue.

I'd say I'm just about halfway done, well maybe one-third done, with this gi-normous job. It's going to take forever!!!