Saturday, April 11, 2009

Retreat projects

It's taken me awhile to write about the retreat I returned from almost two weeks ago! Better late than never. We had such a wonderful time! Some of us arrive on Thursday afternoon and on Friday we rejoice that it's only Friday. Come Saturday evening I start getting sad that it's almost over. Sunday afternoon is so, so sad because we have to leave. : (

Above is a quilt I'm working on for my youngest grandson.

Adam will be two in July. The pattern I used called for the big fishies and I just had to add the baby fishies (as cornerstones) too. Because I'm a glutton for punishment that way. Most of the big fishies are swimming to the right except one because there's always one in the bunch that marches to his own drummer. Some of the babies are swimming to the right and some have turned around to give their mommies a kiss. The babies still need big french knots for eyes and the whole quilt still needs a border. Unfortunately the fabric I had in my stash isn't big enough so I won't be able to use it. Maybe it will find it's way on the back!

Above is a close-up of one of the babies (kissing it's momma) and the fabric for the border that I don't have enough of. Below is a picture of the actual border fabric that I just purchased online at

This tablerunner is another project that I worked on at Retreat. I started on Thursday evening and finished quilting and attached the binding to the front by Friday evening. I really need to thank Kate for the great shoulder massage she gave me! The stippling I did on this tablerunner is teeny tiny. I gave this tablerunner to my son and daughter in law. She loves the old fashioned reproduction fabrics. I never did get a totally completed photo.
These are some of the Easter treats we made today. I had plans to make sugar cookies and dye eggs but the kids (family friends) that I thought were coming over couldn't make it. I definitely don't want to make a bunch of sugary stuff and have no one around to eat it.

My grandkids live in Idaho and I live in California. The good news is, they will be visiting in 2 1/2 weeks!