Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby shower fun!

First of all, I need to point out that I'm having problems with the way my pictures are uploaded. If I upload a picture after uploading one prior to it, then the second picture appears above the first when I want it below. I used to be able to move them around and put them where I want them, but blogger isn't letting me do this. As a result this post, containing lots of pictures, might seem a bit disjointed.

Last weekend we attended the Co-ed baby shower for our Son and Daughter in law. It was like no other baby shower I've ever attended! It was a Moroccan theme complete with belly dancer and henna tattoo artist! Bravo Autumn and Genna for a job well done!!!

Above is a picture of the pillows I made for the baby's room. The Baby's room decor is vintage. My DIL purchased an old fabric baby book at an antique fair and wanted to turn the pages into pillows. The middle of each pillow has a page from the baby book. The prairie points were done with a continuous piece of fabric. A new technique for me that I really enjoyed implementing.

This is one of two fabric garlands that I made for Sophie Grace's bedroom. Only one has her name on it. In the background you can see the large scarves that were hanging overhead. They were very appropriately decorative and gloriously shade providing at the same time.

This is a little dress I made for Sophie Grace. There also is a little matching headband.

This is a blanket (not quilt) that I crocheted the edges of. This is something my grandmother used to do and I thought someone in the family should still be doing this work so I taught myself how. I also made a burp cloth and a bib to match. The bib didn't get crocheted edging, I used ric rack for decoration instead. The flannel fabric has little kitties on it and the words 'daddy's girl' on it. The back is a yellow minkie type fabric with raised hearts.

Here is an example of the henna tattoo artist's work. She was busy working on everyone for four hours. She is an amazing artist!

The Los Gatos Creek runs right next to our host's home, AKA "The Creek House". It's just spectacularly beautiful. The perfect place for this special event.

So many in attendance not everyone fit in the shot. A good time was had by all! Sophie is a lucky girl. She already has a very large fan club!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cute little ruffle butt baby clothes!

These two pictures are of the same outfit. Neither picture is the true color of the fabric which is a soft peach color. Unfortunately I couldn't get the better pictures to upload correctly.

This outfit was one of the outfits I made to give to my DIL at the baby shower her grandmother gave her. My sewing machine thought this fabric tasted great, so much so that it tried to eat it several times. With all the headaches the fabric gave me I just love the outfit. The ruffle butt was so fun to make! In the bottom picture you can see a headband with a bow that I made out of the same fabric. I also made a bib to go with this outfit and another item you can't see until after the next baby shower!

I loved making this sweet nightgown with a little hat and bib.

These pictures uploaded in the wrong direction. They should have been horizontal instead of vertical. The item above is a portable diaper changing pad. Below is a coordinating bib and burp cloth.

The fun/sewing continues. More will come some time in October.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Sewer (future quilter?) is born!

Last Monday was my dear friend Jeanne's birthday (happy birthday Jeanne!). We celebrated the following Thursday by shopping at a couple of quilt shops near us and a lunch at ClaimJumper. I asked my daughter in law if she would like to accompany us and she said yes! Now, I couldn't ask for a better DIL. She is a sweetheart and truly loves my son deeply. She's also going to give me my first granddaughter!
After our fun shopping day we returned home and she wanted to make bibs from the strawberry fabric and the green pea fabric she purchased. After successfully making the strawberry bib she decided she had enough time to make the green pea bib.

I told her it would be cute to do peas on one side and carrots on the other side. She liked that idea but hadn't purchased any carrot fabric. I told her I would take a look in my stash upstairs and sure enough I found the perfect carrot fabric to go with the peas!

It was so fun to see her so excited about creating these cute bibs. She had such a great time that she was up early the next morning waiting for it to get a bit later so she could go to shopping for more fabric. She found some really fun fabrics for more cute bibs. She asked if she could go upstairs and look at my stash once again. She's seen all my fabric before and probably couldn't understand why I needed so much fabric. Now she's seeing it all with new eyes. I think she's caught the sewing bug!