Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cute little ruffle butt baby clothes!

These two pictures are of the same outfit. Neither picture is the true color of the fabric which is a soft peach color. Unfortunately I couldn't get the better pictures to upload correctly.

This outfit was one of the outfits I made to give to my DIL at the baby shower her grandmother gave her. My sewing machine thought this fabric tasted great, so much so that it tried to eat it several times. With all the headaches the fabric gave me I just love the outfit. The ruffle butt was so fun to make! In the bottom picture you can see a headband with a bow that I made out of the same fabric. I also made a bib to go with this outfit and another item you can't see until after the next baby shower!

I loved making this sweet nightgown with a little hat and bib.

These pictures uploaded in the wrong direction. They should have been horizontal instead of vertical. The item above is a portable diaper changing pad. Below is a coordinating bib and burp cloth.

The fun/sewing continues. More will come some time in October.


Country Cookin' Mama said...

Love the little nightgown! If I ever have anymore kids (especially girls since I don't really need boy clothes) I'd love some of them! They were my favorite when the boys were babies!!

Sharon said...

Great job! These are so cute. Love that ruffle too. You've been busy.

I hate it when my machine tries to eat my fabrics. Grrrr! Looks like you prevailed, though!

Purple Pam said...

Cute little baby clothes and accessories. Sorry you had trouble with your machine. Love the peas and carrots bib!

mayko said...
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1st said...
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