Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

For the past three weekends in a row my hubby and I have gone to our teeny, tiny cabin in the Stanislaus Forest. We're making up for lost time. When I say this cabin is small, I really mean it. It consists of two rooms, one is a bedroom and the other is a living room/kitchen although there is no sink inside and no stove. The sink is located just outside the front door and instead of a stove we have a two burner electric hotplate. Oh, and the bathroom you ask? That is in the shed about 20-30 feet away from the cabin. There is running water and a flushing toilet along with an ancient shower. It still is a shed and houses the boat motor and tools and such. The benefit of our cabin being so small is that there is very little upkeep required. We get there and can just relax there or go to the lake or many reservoirs to fish and/or swim.

I told my hubby that this last weekend I needed to stay home and get some things done. Canning and sewing was on my list.

About halfway between our cabin and our home is a fruit/vegetable stand called Fisher Farm. I bought some delicious yellow freestone peaches and made some wonderful peach jam with them. It's my new favorite! I also made blueberry jam, which is yummy too, with blueberries from the grocery store that were a great price.
Our tomatoes are ripening and I've just finished canning my first batch of salsa. Last year I made a few batches of this salsa and I think it lasted until January. Now my husband grows our tomatoes just for this salsa. He calls it his salsa and tries to control his inventory by hiding it. He doesn't like it when I give it away. : )
I made a sweet little outfit for our granddaughter that will be born in November. Sorry, I can't show a picture on this blog because it's going to be part of a shower gift. The fabric was very stretchy and difficult to work with. For some reason, my sewing machine thought it was delicious and kept eating it! Just a bit frustrating!!! One thing that also was a bit frustrating was that the pattern for the little pants said to measure the waist of the baby and cut the elastic accordingly. That's a bit hard to due when she won't be here for three months!
I promise, after the showers, I will post pictures of everything I make for this little girl.
Now I think I'm going to see how that salsa came out with the help of a couple of tortilla chips!


Country Cookin' Mama said...

Man, we could have used some of that salsa last night to go with our chile verde! I can't wait till our tomatoes are ripe so that I can make the salsa!

Purple Pam said...

You said it was a small cabin, and you really meant it! It is darling! Just big enough for two. I love the Fiestaware too. It is so colorful. I had some purple dishes that I gave away. I realized that I did not like eating my food on dark plates. Can you imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Your cabin is wonderful, what a great place to get away from it all. Congratulation for the new baby-on-the-way, don't forget to share pics of the clothes you made for her. Your quilts are wonderful, how was the salsa?

Sharon said...

I love your LITTLE cabin - it looks like so much fun! Not too much houswork, is there?? *grin* Reminds me of the 8 ft by 26 ft travel trailer I lived in many years ago. . .while I was pregnant! Yours looks more fun.

Your jams look yummy! How was the salsa?

Congrats on the impending granddaughter!!

Dionne said...

Your little cabin looks so cozy. That picture does make it look tiny indeed. Your canning looks great.
PS - congrats on your grand-daughter!

A + M said...

I think her waist will be bigger than her mama's :)
She's a little rocket for sure, always kicking and keeping me up!!! Nap time :) !! See you Wednesday!!!