Monday, August 3, 2009

Lovely Colorful Dishes

About four years ago, we remodeled our kitchen. It's really beautiful. We have dark granite counters and Mission style cabinets custom made from quarter sawn (hope that's how it's spelled) oak wood that is stained a warm red wood tone. Our walls are as my husband calls it, Chevy's orange. I prefer to call them Pumpkin spice. I would post a picture, but it's a mess right now from canning peach jam and making peach muffins. Anyway, ever since the remodel, I've wanted to change our dishes to Fiestaware. I just love all the colors! The only problem was that I had perfectly good dishes in my cupboards already. They have served my family well for quite some time, probably the good part of 20 years. Here is a sample picture of the Pfaltzgraff, Tea Rose pattern dishes that we've used for so many years now.

They are very pretty dishes and I have loved them for a long time. They just aren't colorful enough for me now! Also, how can I justify spending money on dishes when I already have this set. It occurred to me a little while ago that I could have my family gift me a dish or two on my birthday and Christmas for the next 10 years or so along with a gift or two from myself from time to time. It's definitely not necessary for family to give me any gift let alone these dishes, however, if they would like to give me a gift on these occasions and can't think of anything to get me, now they know!

So, here is the start of my new collection of fiestaware! I hope to have lots of different colors so I can mix and match. Maybe not so much matching!
Color makes me so happy!!!


Fiesta said...

I too love fiestaware, hence my name Quilting fiesta.
I just bought a little bit at a time when it went on sale.Now, I actually have too many and cannot get the new colors that are out because it is just my husband and I.

Kim said...

How pretty!!

A + M said...

You must have taken that photo on your birthday, the flowers are still alive!! :)