Friday, October 9, 2009

Retreat, Part Two

These are some more quilts that were worked on during our retreat last week. Above is a quilt that Janene was working on. It is the result of a block exchange. Click on it to see the beautiful dahlias.
Patti put these alphabet redwork blocks together. They are so cute! Her granddaughters helped to draw the owls and ice cream cones. It is further personalized by signatures in the appropriate lettered blocks. It really was precious.

JoAnn's quilt top finished! No matter that it was 16 years in the making, it's timeless.

Another quilt by Janene.
There were so many pictures that I took, it's hard to remember who did what. I believe this quilt top was made by Kate. Kate is our officially blind quilter. She has macular degeneration and is in fact legally blind. She is also a very prolific quilter.

This is another quilt by Kate. She used old phone book paper foundations for the strips.

Patti's friend Lou picked out the fabric and pattern for this sweet quilt top with the intentions of making a quilt for Patti. The two worked on a block together, sewing it the wrong way. Lou became ill with breast cancer and asked Patti to finish it for her when it became apparent that she would not be able to. Lou has since passed on but Patti will forever remember her through this quilt.

This is what happens when your fabric is so yummy, your machine just has to eat it!

You get a throat plate attached to your quilt top! Good job Katie!


Sharon said...

Tell Katie that's what happens when there's too many Margaritas!

Looks like everyone was muy productive. Sorry I missed it. Beautiful quilts were made!

BB said...

Looks like so much fun. I want to come to the next one. I promise I won't be sick with whooping cough again.

- Betsy

Roberta said...

You had whooping cough! Oh My!!! You definitely need to come to the next retreat. I'll let you know when it's scheduled as soon as I schedule it. Take care Betsy!