Monday, October 5, 2009

Retreat, Part 1

I organize retreats throughout the year for a group of quilting buddies that have been getting together for retreats for over ten years now. This past weekend we had such a great time sewing, talking, laughing, creating, and giving and receiving inspiration. These weekends are pure bliss for me. The following are some of the pictures of projects that were in various stages of progress.

Here's Jane with a couple of the quilt tops she assembled. I caught her on the downside of her smile (sorry Jane!). She really was happy : )

This was an old quilt top that Jill backed and had our friend Shari quilt on her long arm machine. Shari does a wonderful job!

This is another quilt by Jill.

You just can't help but smile when you're around this happy quilt. Pam sure knows how to work with color!

This is a challenge quilt that Pam started and completed with binding attached and all. The only thing left that needs to be done is the hand sewing of the binding to the back and possibly a label.
Did you notice the fun zebra border?
Stay tuned for Retreat, part 2!

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