Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another job well done!

Awhile back I was searching for a specific flannel fabric online. I searched in all the conventional places to no avail. I think this fabric line has been around for awhile. I found it in a different color, but that wouldn't do. You see, it had to match an item I purchased while in Idaho. I bought a burp cloth with 'ready to finish' edges. It had the holes punched on it around the edges and all I had to do was to finish the edges with a crochet pattern of my choosing.
My Grandmother used to do this kind of handwork. She has been gone for a couple of decades now and I would love to carry on the tradition she has given us.
I finished the burp cloth but cannot picture it here until after the baby shower at the end of September being held in honor of the upcoming birth of our third grandchild! This is the fanciest 'burp' cloth I've ever seen and thought it would be nice to make a few other items to go along with it. Thus the search for the fabric ensued. Having been unsuccessful in my search, I turned to Etsy and did a search there. I found it in one of the Etsy stores called Tattletale Boutique. This is a link to the store not the item. She had sufficient quantity of this fabric and after sending her a message letting her know how much I needed, she set up a special order for me which I then purchased.
Now, I have purchased probably hundreds of yards of fabric either online or through mail order and never did I expect what I received in the mail a couple of days after ordering. This is what I found after opening the box!

A perfect bundle of fabric wrapped carefully in tissue paper, tied with a cute blue polka dot fabric ribbon, complete with swirly lollipop, red curling ribbon, and custom thank you card! I didn't want to unwrap it, it was just too pretty!!! Sherrie at Tattletale Boutique went above and beyond to make my order extra special. Thanks Sherrie! Oh yeah, the fabric was just what I needed.

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Sharon said...

Wow, that's like a gift, not a purchase! How cool, how sweet! is that? Can't wait to see your projects when they're finished. . . especially the fancy burp cloth! Oh, and congrats on the impending new grandchild!