Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charming Skirts!

I've been busy making these cute little patchwork skirts made from 5" charm square packs. Each skirt takes one charm pack. The skirt above is made from the Smores line and I can't remember what the one below is made from. I got the pattern from this tutorial. I added a waistband and a cute little trim on the hem.
I wish I were five years old again and could wear one of these! I hope the cute little girls that will receive them like them as much as I had fun making them!!!


Kim said...

way cute! too bad brandon and adam aren't girls. :(

A + M said...

Elena is going to LOVE hers ;)

Dionne said...

They are gorgeous! Perfect for a little girl to twirl in!

Sharon said...

What cute little skirts! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. I have 2 little granddaughters that would just LOVE these skirts! Thanks...And good job!

Purple Pam said...

Darling little skirts! It is so much fun to sew for little ones. They are so cute when they model their clothes.

Renee said...

Hi Roberta, love the skirts.

I just read your post on my Holiday Traditions post. Seems we have alot in common... I am half Puerto Rican, I have a mother who was recently diagnosed with early stage Alzheimers. And yes, my daughter had me write down the recipe and I have involved her in every step of the process so she can carry on the tradition.

If you want to email or chat about all the ingredients or how to make Pastelle's just let me know!

Feliz Navidad!