Monday, February 1, 2010


I decided it was time to learn how to make tamales. My husband gave me a phone number of someone who had made tamales at Christmas and had her husband bring them to his work for a party. It must have been at one of my husband's supplier's businesses. My husband brought one home to me and I told him it was the best tamale I had ever had. The only problem with calling this woman to ask if she would teach me how to make these delicacies was that she spoke no English. I'm not fluent in Spanish. So, instead of calling this great tamale maker, I chose to go online to watch some videos on You Tube about how to make tamales. That was a great help.

I told my daughter I was going to make tamales on Sunday and she said she wanted to learn too. I then went about procuring all the supplies and ingredients we would need to make these tamales. I live in California and the ingredients are more than handy. You can even find the masa already prepared in some stores. I chose to make my own masa. I went online once again to look for recipes.
Our friend Bethany also came over and helped us make the tamales. We made pork tamales and vegetarian (cheese and Anaheim chiles) tamales. It took forever to get them all steamed. We played Cranium while we waited. One batch ran out of water and almost had to be trashed (Cranium got competitive) but I saved them.
I'm happy to say that our tamale making endeavor was a success! Bethany is pictured below showing you her delicious tamale!


Purple Pam said...

Let me tell you from experience, those tamales were delicious.

Roberta said...

Thanks Pam! Glad you liked them.