Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chaos in the quilt studio!

I decided that I would try to get my quilt studio organized. More accurately, my fabric stash. I got an ELFA drawer system from The Container Store. This is the view from behind. This is where I'm going to store all my fat quarters. I have built an ironing/cutting surface and placed it on top of the structure. When everything is put away you will be able to see the colorful cover I made for the ironing surface.This is a shot of my drawer system from the front with some of the drawers opened. I'm folding all my fat quarters in 60 degree triangles. I know, I'm crazy!

I have these cupboards that I've been storing all (well most) of my fabric. As you can see it was an unorganized mess!!!

Another shot of another cabinet a little closer up. It's really a mess. How can I find anything in here?
I've been folding fabric. It seems that it never ends. Once I fold it I store it in boxes and bags and it waits to be placed in the cupboards. The problem is that the cupboards are stuffed with fabric that still needs to be folded as well. I guess you need to make a bigger mess before you can get organized. This is a collection of fabric of which some has been folded and some is waiting to be folded.
These are all folded and waiting for room on the shelves. The red bag is full of solid fabrics and there's more of it somewhere!
This is a view of my quilt studio formerly known as a bedroom. I have one of those block butlers on the closet door. It's not my preferred design wall, but it'll do for now.
This is how I'm folding the fabric that is 1/2 yard cuts or more. The shelves are deep so I"m putting other items behind the fabric and will label the face of the shelf with what I can find behind the stacks of fabric. These two shelves will have pillowforms behind the stacks! I really like how it's going to look!!! I can see every piece of fabric I have here. It looks soooo neat!


Kim said...

I really like what you've done with my room. It looks good being a quilt room. I really love the thing holding the fat quarters! And yes, you are crazy to be folding all of them into triangles! Oh well, they look really cute! And I'll be able to shop really easily when I come over. :)

Sharon said...

OMGosh, Berta, you're doing it too! It's fun and painful all at the same time, isn't it? Are you nuts?? Why are you folding all your Fat Q's into triangles? Will they stack better in those drawers? I love the drawer system/ironing board! Good luck! I'm looking forward to more pictures in the future.

Purple Pam said...

Okay, you have done it now! I have to take out all my fabric and fold it into triangles, then really get organized. But first, I need DH to put in the new floor, and then I can move rooms. You and Marlene are such inspirations. I need to get organized somehow. I just have too much fabric and not enough storage spaces. I like your bin system for storage. You can see everything at a glance. When are we going to get together again and sew?

Kim'sdad said...

Family room is next,right?

Quilts by Lisa said...

How is the organization project coming along? I did something similar, but with no space, my fabric is folded, organized by color and kept in big shopping bags! LOL! I love all of the fabulous colors. Good job!

Roberta said...

Thanks Lisa! The job of organizing my quilt studio is ongoing. Since my mother with Alzheimer's Disease has moved into my home, one of the 'jobs' I give her is to iron fabric. She likes to think she's helping me. This keeps her pretty busy. I have to re-iron it and fold it after she's gone to bed for the evening but it's getting done little by little.
I went to your profile and couldn't find a blog for you. You should definitely start one. I'd love to see your work!
Happy blogging!!!