Saturday, February 9, 2008

Done with my work for the day, now for some quilt pics!

UGH! I've been working all day today doing paperwork to get ready for the tax guy next month. It's been a beautiful, finally warm Saturday but wouldn't you know it, I was stuck in the house which for some reason was colder inside than out. I've declared myself done for the day and thought I'd spend a little time posting some pictures of a couple of quilts that I've made.

This stained glass butterfly quilt is from a pattern. I used all of my hand-dyed fabrics except the black. Hand appliqued and machine quilted.

This Butterflyz quilt was made for Miss Haley. She is my little friend that used to come and spend Tuesdays with me while her mom went with her brother to a weekly appointment. We both enjoyed spending time together exploring nature, art, and the park! Haley's family moved about five hours away! : ( We keep in touch by phone and every once in a while Haley will come for a visit that's jam packed with all the things we used to do together. She is a sweet girl and she loves 'Butter'lies'. (That's how she used to say butterflies).

Here's Haley with her quilt! She loves pink!

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Sharon said...

Haley looks so happy with her quilt! What a great quilt for a little girl, and what a great thing for you to do!